Crystal eyes – How to DIY Fendi crystal cat eye sunglasses

With summer finally here, I leapt upon the opportunity to DIY a pair of sunglasses. This season, when it comes to on-trend elegance, I think the cat eyes have it.


Fendi Swarovski crystal-embellished cat-eye acetate and silver-tone sunglasses

You will need…





Quite easy

Straightforward, in principle, but in practice, a degree of care, skill and patience is definitely required.


About half an hour.

DIY Fendi crystal cat eye sunglasses

How to make a marbled clutch – a DIY video tutorial

You will need…





Easy when you know how, but it does take a degree of care and patience to pull off.



About five minutes (half an hour you include drying time).


Video tutorial

A video posted by Charley H (@chiccheatcharley) on

A photo posted by Charley H (@chiccheatcharley) on

DIY-scapades – putting your own stamp on it

DIY silver stamp jeansI made a lazy weekend of it this week, although I prefer to think of it as having a bit of fun with a pair of second-hand jeans. ‘Fun’ was the operative word here because when you’re experimenting on a pair of £4 jeans what have you got to lose? More to the point, it was that sense of care-free impulsivity that the patchwork and customised jeans trend of the moment surely aspires to capture. And so, while this may not be my most successful project so far as the end result it concerned, I like to think of it as a valiant effort at capturing the mood. At the end of the day, it’s just a laugh!


Ballsy earrings – how to DIY a pair of Prada sequin ball earrings



Guide to statement earrings: the wish list – in pictures | Fashion |...

You will need


N.B. You will need 8 large sequins (4 of each colour) if you want to make yours exactly like the original but I decided to do mine differently. IMG_0117



Quite easy

Straightforward and easy when you know how but certain parts of the process are quite fiddly, especially making the ball shapes.



One-and-a-half hours.


Get the ball (earrings) rolling


N.B. Cut each slit on the opposite side of the sequin to the hole.


As stated previously, if you want to make yours like the original, you will need to cut four sequins in each colour and glue them together in pairs, with one of each colour.


With the slits facing each other, slide two disc sequins together at right angles to each other to form a ball shape. Put gemstone glue inside the slits beforehand so that the ball shape can be sealed together easily.



…And there you have it; it’s that simple!

DIY Prada sequin ball earrings DIY prada sequin ball earrings


DIY Digest – Choker in the pack

The choker’s back, big this season and brilliant for adding a touch of instant hippie chic if you use ribbon or crocheted trims (think festival glamour). And the best bit? It’s easy to put together in ten minutes with the right trim and a little bit of creative know-how.

You will need…

choker trims

choker jewellery making tools



About ten minutes – tops!




Very easy

Not much else to say – this is about as straightforward as it gets.


Make it in minutes

IMG_0088*Leave a few centimetres of excess ribbon on either side for knotting.IMG_0089


DIY ribbon choker


Choose your marbles – how to make a DIY marbled clutch

From Acne to Edie Parker and everything in between (including the Urania Gazelli Pac Man clutch that inspired this project) the perspex box clutch never fails to make a statement and add a touch of class with a shimmer of sumptuous marble texture. The great news is that it’s still on trend and super-easy to make with a touch of creativity and an eye for re-purposing. Allow me to demonstrate…

You will need…

DIY tools



Quite easy

A straightforward, super-short (by my standards) project but a touch of skill and patience is definitely required.


Mine took two hours but it depends on the design you use; a simpler one would be much quicker to do.


IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0076


A photo posted by Charley H (@chiccheatcharley) on

A photo posted by Charley H (@chiccheatcharley) on

Couture to ribbons – how to make a DIY JW Anderson slatted top

JW Anderson’s slatted chic is set to be a blinder for next season.


J.W. Anderson Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2016 London

You will need…


A top or sweatshirt (believe it or not!)


10mm jump rings x 50

4mm eyelets x 100

Eyelet punch tool


Marker or tailor’s chalk

Patternmaster or graded setsquare

Long-nosed pliers





Quite easy

Can’t think of anything too demanding here but getting everything perfectly neat and professional-looking can be challenging.



This took a lot longer than expected! Unfortunately, it took me somewhere between five and eight hours, although a lot of that was down to trial and error, so I’d say the actual work itself, without setbacks, would take somewhere within the region of five hours.

Slat that


Turn the sweatshirt inside-out and cover the front and back with interfacing.

Decide where you want the slits to go. I set mine out at 10cm intervals across the front, using my patternmaster to measure parallel lines 6cm from each side of the top, followed by two lines for the ‘edge allowance’ (you’ll see what I mean later on) – each 2cm apart – and repeating the process until I reached the centre. I repeated this process across the back.

Cut strips of Bondaweb to cover the edge allowance on both sides. Again, mine were 4cm wide and I wouldn’t recommend making them any narrower, otherwise the eyelets may be too wide for them. Iron the Bondaweb in place.


Cut lines along the centre of the edge allowance (you should have these already marked out) with V-shaped tips at either end.Method5

Fold the edges back on themselves, including the pointed tips at the ends, and iron them to fix them in place.Method6

Turn the sweatshirt right-side out and punch eyelet holes, measuring them as you go along to make sure they’re the same distance apart and that they line up. I set mine out at 10cm intervals. Insert eyelets. You will need to use the eyelet puncher for this part.Method7

Finally, join the eyelets together along the slits by inserting the jump rings. After that, your sweatshirt should hopefully look like this: DIY JW Anderson slatted top


DIY Digest: The eyelets have it

With knots, studs and eyelets bang on trend, this season, it’s fair to say there’s a distinct flavour of DIY in vogue – and wouldn’t it be rude for me not to try it, myself? I plumped for curtain rings to add some oversized, statement eyelets to an old coat of mine. Let’s just say that it you want to put some purpose into a re-purpose, you need to go beyond the standard clothing fastenings and think big. Thankfully, making such a statement couldn’t be simpler.

You will need…

Sewing machine

Curtain ring tape of the right length to cover the desired area (you may want to measure first)

Curtain rings (again, the right number to cover the desired area is always helpful!)

A garment made from non-stretch fabric. Also, avoid sheer or flimsy fabrics.

Fabric scissors

Craft mount




Quite easy

It does help to be dexterous with a sewing machine, as the curtain ring tape can slip when you’re trying to sew it in place, even after you’ve glued it down. Apart from that, it’s a quick, straightforward project.



My project took about half an hour and, while it’s a relatively quick and easy task, it may take you longer depending on what you want to do and the area you want to cover.


Make it hole


Place the curtain ring tape where you want your eyelets to go and stick it in place with craft mount.


The craft mount alone is unlikely to hold the tape in place, so you need to sew it down. As you can see, my eyelets ran along the bottom so I aligned the edges of the tape and my stitching with the hem. You need to be careful for this part, as the tape can slip quite easily and it’s difficult to keep your stitching neat.


Finally, cut out the holes and insert the rings from the front or ‘right side’ of the garment. Mine just snapped in with in-built catches but you may be using slightly different rings, in which case, you simply need to follow any instructions provided (obviously, just saying!).

Spring up!

Owing to a frustratingly manic two weeks in which giving the blog the attention, love and what I would consider worthy entries has proven impossible, I haven’t been too busy or, you know, trapped in a cave in a place hitherto undiscovered by western civilisation as we know it, to follow what’s been going on during the recent fashion weeks, especially in the fashion capitals but I’m not there yet with my take on it and would rather do that the justice it deserves.

So, now that we’ve got disclaimers and related niggles out of the way, here’s what I have been getting up to over the past fortnight (along with turning 32, getting asked for ID on my birthday and thus undeniably winning at life), I thought there would be no better time to celebrate the ‘springing’ of the new season than now and no better way than to share some easy-but-effective craft projects to inspire you, in the form of a necklace and some customised flip flops (yes, yes, I know it’s still spring and far from tropical but still dreaming, right?).

3D flower necklace DIY


 DIY 3D flower necklace

A photo posted by Charley H (@chiccheatcharley) on




DIY embroidered flip flops






DIY 3D floral necklace and metallic jacket collage


When DIY met denim

This season’s quirky customised jeans trend was too tempting not to try myself, so I thought I’d share some tips with you from my latest project. One among many advantages of having your own place is to have the luxury of bleaching jeans, like the dangerous rebel that I am, without aggressive parental opprobrium and disapproval. Never mind the carpet-mauling potential bleach has for sending the neurotically house-proud into a frenzy, it was more a case of having to sit through my dad’s classic anecdote of his failed attempt to bleach his prized pair of ‘baggies’ back in the ’60s; after dousing them in bleach and leaving them out to dry, they disintegrated in his hands as he picked them up from the washing line! Thankfully – and perhaps because trusty denim essentials are made from tougher substances these days – it was never enough to put me off. I have ways of avoiding such a scenario, which I thought I’d share, along with a few more ideas for re-purposing a pair of old jeans.

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