Marble-ous – How to DIY Fendi Galassia Marble Block Sunglasses

Get the cream of the cat eye trend in a simple 10-minute DIY.Fendi Galassia Marble Block Sunglasses

Fendi Galassia Marble Block Sunglasses (see more see through sunglasses)

You will need…


Nail polish (including black nail polish)

Resin and hardener


Pencil and fine-tipped marker pen

Palette knife

Parcel tape




Quite easy

I’m saying this mostly in the name of covering myself – it helps to be reasonably dexterous but there’s nothing especially challenging.



10-20 minutes (excluding resin drying time)


Give me one good resin…

Making the cut – how to DIY a Soomin star leather collar

Try the laser cut jewellery trend for an intricate yet easy statement piece.Soomin - Star Necklace Lasercut

Soomin – Star Necklace Lasercut (see more toggle necklaces)

You will need…

DIY tools


*Leather can be faux if your budget or indeed moral stance requires it.

**The silver leaf in question is made by Fimo and can be purchased here.

Not pictured

Eyelet hole puncher



Quite easy

This one’s basically straightforward; you just have to be reasonably dexterous with a scalpel and not mind getting a little messy.


2-3 hours (3 if you include lacquer drying time).

Mesh things up a bit…

Cut the following shape out in leather or faux leather:

leather collar template


Spray on a layer of clear lacquer, cover the collar in silver leaf and spray another layer of clear lacquer over it to fix it in place. If the silver leaf tears, use the top side of your fingernails or the handle of your scalpel to smooth it down while wet.

Method2Leave the collar to dry. Once it has dried, use your scalpel to cut away the excess silver leaf, leaving you with a fully covered silver collar.

Method2Punch a hole at either end. Using your pliers, open a jump ring, put it through the hole and the clasp and close the ring. Repeat this process with the chain at the other end.


DIY Soomin star necklace leather laser cut collar



Nice twist – How to DIY twister ice lolly sandals

A pop of colour for the summer.The sandal that sums up British summer | Fashion | The Guardian

2014 gave us normcore – from its obnoxious mission to try too hard to look like you’re not trying to the brash faux-iconographic fast food motifs exemplified at Moschino – followed by the fleeting cartoon chic of ‘lolcore.’ Then 2015 came and presented us with a clean slate, though not necessarily a blank canvas, from which we are currently sampling a juicy trend of vibrant food motifs, from sweets to tropical fruit, in what is probably the most ample display or indeed mention of food fashion has ever seen. This year’s food fashion trend brings a new vibe with a mix of coquettish kitsch with a saccharine sweet colour scheme, giving it just the right mix of pin-up prettiness and fashion-forward fun. The highlight for me has been the twister lolly sandals from the Asos and Walls collaboration.

You will need…

DIY shoe customising tools
 *You also need clear nail polish

Not pictured

Pink fabric paint (since I didn’t use pink sandals)
Sand paper and nail files



Moderately challenging

As you’d expect with anything as unorthodox as sculpting ice lolly-shaped heels from car body filler, there’s a certain art to it but it’s easy when you know how.


About 5 hours.

Can do candy…


If, like the ones I used, your sandals have narrow heels, bulk them up by slathering body filler on as thickly as possible. Mix the filler with the hardener and apply it using the palette knife.

Once it has dried, sandpaper it down.

Coat the heels with another layer of body filler. Make some horizontal grooves with the palette knife and, as the filler is setting, smooth the ridges into rounded, sausage-like shapes; it also helps to use nail files to smooth them down.Method4


Paint your sandals pink if they aren’t pink already. Then paint the heels with nail polish. Finally, coat them with clear nail polish.

DIY twister lolly sandals

The Trends on Wednesday – Sandal Up

Kitsch fruit or kooky ’70s funk, this summer, it’s about the statement sandal. Now that it’s just about warm enough to give into the sandal season vibe, I thought I’d share some of my latest ideas for tackling the trend. As well as lending themselves to customisation, through straightforward painting, gluing and embellishing, shoes’ size and positioning in relation to a full outfit (if you consider how and where the eye moves as the overall look is processed) allows you to ride the trend subtly. This would definitely be a bonus for anyone questioning their bravery to take on such a riskily quirky trend – possibly even those who don’t, considering what a minefield it is to err on the tastefully tongue-in-cheek rather than tacky side. And so, if you are all for a little experimenting, you can do much worse than to dip your toe – and shortly feet, one presumes – into the statement sandal trend, whatever the heel height.

Customisation for for camo

Owing to other stresses and commitments in my life I sadly haven’t been able to devote the concentration and efforts I’d normally like to solving the world’s DIY fashion problems and granting you access to some of fashion’s most coveted items the creative way. However, I did find the inspiration in something similarly utilitarian to finding a way to express your creativity under constrained and difficult circumstances: the humble camouflage jacket. Graffiti chic had a fashion moment recently but it was the graffiti on the jacket worn by Charlotte Free earlier this year that inspired me to try and get the look with fabric paint and a glue spreader (because, I mean, why not?). Graffiti chic might have been a statement look but it surely takes one of the most quintessentially 90s paradigms of army camouflage to transform a fleeting statement into of-the-moment retro kitsch.


Slicker than your Everage – How to DIY Dior’s So Real sunglasses

While many continue to tout sandals as the statement piece of the summer, I can’t help but to notice what I like to call floating cat eye sunglasses with transparent tips like these ones from Fendi.

Fendi Crystal-embellished cat eye Optyl? sunglasses

With that said, it was Dior’s So Real mirrored cat eye sunglasses that got the stars, bloggers and editors purring in succession, helping the design gather ground as a fashion institution that’s still going strong after a year.

How Dior’s Dior So Real Sunglasses Became a Street-Style Sensation

You will need…

DIY tools

Not pictured

Long-nosed jewellery pliers
Wooden splint
Container for the resin



Moderately challenging

Although straightforward in principle, this one was more fiddly than I expected. Also, expect things to get messy.



A couple of hours, most of which goes on waiting for the resin to set.


Hello, cat eye…

Cat eye sunglasses template

If you want, you can print out and trace the template above but they might not fit the sunglasses you’re using. I would recommend tracing the outline of the lens onto paper with the sunglasses face-down.

Once you have drafted out a template, cut it out carefully with the scalpel, trace the outline onto the glass fibre tissue, turn it over so that it mirrors the shape you just traced and then trace an outline around that. You should have two shapes that mirror each other, like in the template.


Cover the lenses with parcel tape.

Tip: Press the tape onto your clothes a few times so that it loses some of its stickiness but has just enough to stay in place on the lenses. This prevents lens damage.

Cut out the shapes in fibre tissue.

Mix the resin with the hardener and use it to attach the fibre tissue shapes to the top edges of the lenses. Make sure you follow the directions carefully and leave at least 20 minutes for the resin to dry.


Make a wire outline for each of the lenses and stick it in place with more resin. I also used some flattened bits of curb chain to hold the top bar in place.

Once the resin has dried, remove the tape and scrape away any excess resin with the scalpel, taking care not to scratch the lenses.


So authentic?

DIY Dior So Real Sunglasses DIY Dior So Real Sunglasses


The Trends on Wednesday: Can you sandal this?

With the start of summer weather finally here, in the mildly thawing, you-can-crawl-out-from-underneath-your-coat-and-jumper sense, I thought it appropriate to introduce some DIY ideas for the humble sandal. With sandals taking on the role of statement piece as well as summer staple I thought I’s whet your appetite with a few taster projects you can do to new sandals or old ones that need making over.

Realise dragons – How to DIY a Nicole Miller dragon motif top

Nicole Miller Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear - Collection - Gallery -...

While it was 2015’s huge oriental trend that inspired me to take on this top, the dragon design in question actually had folkloric fairy tale roots, specifically the illustrations of Patrick Arrasmith and Alan Lee, for The Last Apprentice and The Hobbit, respectively. Whatever inspired it, it captured my imagination so I thought I’d capture the idea myself.

You will need…


Not pictured


Gemstone glue


NB: Make sure the top is not so small it has to stretch to fit you, otherwise it presents problems when you attach the non-stretch fabric. Go for something slim-fitting but not skin-tight.



Very easy

…Provided you don’t make the same mistakes I made (more on that later).



A few hours (the exact number of which I was too sidetracked to count).


How to make the top

Print out a copy of the following template, flip the image around so that it’s mirrored and print that out.


You should have two images. Pin them underneath the front panel of the top, making sure they’re placed at the same height so that the whole image is completely symmetrical.


Using black 3D fabric paint, trace the outline of the image, add some dots to look like embellishment and add some gemstones.



Now to add the brocade fabric. I’ve mentioned the importance of choosing a top that fits well. I bought mine online, as I had no choice. Sadly, it was a lot smaller than I expected it to be and my execution of the final design suffered on account of it. I could have done better, and I’d recommend you avoid making the same mistake as I did by not choosing too tight a top. The reason for this is that it won’t fit properly when you attach the non-stretch brocade fabric. Make sure the top fits you without needing to stretch before you buy.

DIY Nicole Miller dragon top

Turn the top inside-out so that the ‘wrong’ side (the side you don’t want to be visible on the outside of the garment) is facing outwards. Cover the ‘right’ side of the brocade fabric (the side you want to be outwardly visible) with craft mount and stick it to the ‘wrong’ side of the front panel. Turn the top right-side-out.

DIY Nicole Miller dragon top

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