DIY Digest: On Target

My quick. quirky quandary-solver was inspired by the marbled bangles from Prabal Gurung’s recent collection for Target…


…and also those awkward occasions when you unwittingly treat yourself to a fabulous nail varnish, only to find you never wear it, be it for work or spare-time related reasons (let’s be honest, is there really such a thing as adequately quick-drying nail polish on a 5-minute time budget when you’re always late by default?). Worse still is when you find yourself repeating the error enough times to find yourself with a mountain of unused, semi-congealed nail polishes you can’t find time to use or bear to throw away, like I did! While they do make fabulous dressing table ornaments – especially if you arrange them in rainbow-spectrum-style – it’s always more satisfying to put them to good use, and to a find a way to slip them on in the space of two seconds!

You will need

5-8 differently coloured nail varnishes. (it helps if they work as colour combinations)

Bangles, ideally silver but any colour will do, metal or plastic. I picked mine up for £2 on the sale from H & M

Clear car lacquer





Very easy

…Granted it’s even easier to make a mess if you’re not careful but picky, picky!



10 minutes


Nailing it!



Prabal Gurung-inspired banglesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




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