DIY of the Tiger – How to craft a Kenzo tiger-embroidered sweater

Easy tiger – well easy when you know how – with inspiration courtesy of Kenzo.



You will need

A sweatshirt (mine was £6 from Primark)

Soft fabric interfacing

A4 printer and paper

Iron and ironing board

Differently coloured marker pens


Small all-purpose scissors


Sewing machine (make sure it can do a basic zigzag stitch)

About 4 differently coloured threads (I chose bright yellow, lime green, dark purple and lilac)

Felt in 4 different colours (I chose orange, pink, purple and navy)

Gemstone and fabric glue (£2.99 from Hobbycraft)






This turned out slightly more challenging than I expected, purely from trying to get the sewing neat.



8 hours – I think. I didn’t time this one too fantastically. My schedule was such that the whole process was a bit stop-start (also, when you’re filming and editing video tutorials the process always takes much longer) so it was hard to tell.




DIY Kenzo tiger sweater DIY Kenzo tiger sweater detail

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