Pump Action: How to DIY a pair of Charlotte Olympia Ooh La La Pumps

Charlotte Olympia gives this season’s pump trend a bit of “Ooh La La”…

DIY Charlotte Olympia Ooh LaLa Pumps

Top image: Polyvore
Author’s note: A substantial chunk of the £18 I paid was in postage and packing – annoyingly – so, galling logistics aside, the real price was more like £13.



You will need…Ingredients




Quite Easy

Getting it perfectly neat’s a little trickier as it involves glue guns, which I find messy by their very nature, but this DIY’s as straightforward and intuitive as it gets.



2-3 hours. Well, probably less as I faffed about quite a bit when I was working on it!


To get the shoe on the road…



Mark out where you intend for your lace hearts to go. Make sure it’s in the same place on both shoes and that you’ve left enough space for slight overlapping so that you can glue your pieces in place.




Cut out your heart shapes slowly and carefully, so that your stanley knife doesn’t slip, causing you to unexpectedly maul the entire shoe!Method3



Blast your ribbon with craft mount (on the wrong side) and fold it in half so that it’s pipe-like and slightly more rigid.



Using your glue gun, model your “Ooh La La” lettering, making sure it fits onto your lace hearts.Method5



Glue your lace hearts in place, again, with your glue gun (craft mount would be a bit messy).DIY Charlotte olympia pumps


Glue your red ribbon in place one letter at a time – don’t try to do whole words as gun glue is very quick-drying. Don’t panic if you make a bit of a mess, as the glue is easy to peel off once dry, especially with tweezers. Failing that, use a scalpel to scrape away the excess glue.

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