The Trends on Wednesday: Got it in One

Got it in One

I should finish – or press on with – what I started, having moved onto 2013’s key autumn/winter trends in previous entries but with the festival season upon us and – huzzah! – glorious spring weather I’ve decided to keep it relevant with the with the pretty-yet-practical jumpsuit trend. With soft fabrics, possibilities for pattern and forgivingly-loose fit without the frumpiness, what’s not to like? Awkward toilet arrangements, perhaps which – how I shudder – is the last thing one needs for the sort that festivals typically offer. Minor technicalities aside, I’ve already got ahead of the game on this one with a recycling DIY tutorial¬†you readers may well remember. Alternatively, you may be wondering how to make the playsuit you treated yourself to in 2012 look a little less vieux chapeau. Layering, styling and complimenting with accessories are all very much key here.¬†Colour blocking’s very much back in the game, this season so pops of brilliant yellow, emerald green or pastel shades should be replacing your fluoros and neons – though you may get away with a single shade. For jewellery, think body metal, perchance to adapt or enhance any collars that you’ve neither the heart nor budget to discard so soon. Fashion may be in constant flux but transgression need never be from scratch.

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