The Trends on Wednesday: Citrus Zest

citrus zest
Did I, by any chance, mention that we’re in the midst of a 90s revival at all? No? Well, I’ve started, so I’ll finish, just like fashion seems to be doing with all its nostalgic homages to the decade. So far we’ve seen grunge, acid and neons in retro pastiche that could rival period costume in authenticity (I should know, I was there the first time around!) so where to go next to keep fashion in the frenetically transient flux for which it’s known? Why, lime green and lemon yellow, of course, just like it did before. This shift from fluorescent to citrus is in a softer, more elegant direction. Fluorescent colours were fun, citrus is feminine. Fluorescent colours were loud, citrus palettes are radiant. Fluorescent colours added a young, rebellious streak, citrus carries vibrant sophistication. So, is it time you ditched that neon yellow satchel? Of course not – that’d certainly be foolish with festival fashion in full swing. Chic Cheat is about adapting and reworking to get the look, not disposing and buying from scratch. My advice? Keep your neons to one shade, especially greens and yellows, and ease them into your look with a mixture of citrus hues and a contrasting colour, such as black, white, metallics and grey, just like in the collages. That will give your colour depth and a bold, stand-out quality. Pass the acid phase and get citric!

Chiffon dress
$28 –

Oh My Love short mini skirt
$43 –

3 1 Phillip Lim zipper bag
$905 –

Anna sui lipstick

Nars cosmetic
Nic+Zoe:: Alive

NIC ZOE nic zoe

NIC ZOE nic zoe

Friis company
$110 –

K Amato k amato

Tech accessory
$51 –

Lime green hat

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