Bird lines and a few other super easy summer jewels

Copy four of this summer’s most directional jewellery designs takes just a trace of DIY know-how!

It’s summer, it’s 30°C so by my estimations here at Chic Cheat you won’t want to spend your whole day labouring over a DIY project when it’s so glorious outside (and hotter than a glass blower’s crevices in the shade!). I came up with four short DIY jewellery tutorials inspired by key looks and choices of charms: Bicycles, owls, pyramids and diamond shapes.

You will need…

DIY tools

…and after much effort not to ad-lib too much, and to include everything I use in the above pictures I forgot to mention clear car lacquer





Very Easy

The pyramid earrings can be a bit fiddly especially if you use picture-hanging wire like I did (as I like the contrasting colours. It generally works out cheaper, too). Joining the edges with a soldering iron will probably save you time on that but a) I don’t have one and b) they’re potentially dangerous blighters, you see, so I’d feel irresponsible recommending one.


Tops 1 hour per item, excluding the time it takes to bake your clay (15 whole minutes, mind!).


Print out whichever of these templates you wish to use, at any size you wish because I’m that much of a free spirit!


If you’re copying the bicycle, roll your polymer clay into a long, thin shape and use it to go along the lines of the template. Use a scalpel to cut your pieces and fuse them together. You can also use this method for sculpting your linear diamond charm.

If you’re doing the owl, use your scalpel and the template to sculpt the eyes first, then the lower body, making sure you drill some large holes near the edge for the jump rings. You can also use it to get some feathered textures by cutting into it diagonally (four words I never thought I’d say on such an innocent blog but, I hope you agree, it makes sense in context).


Paint your charms with your gold/ silver powder using a wet paintbrush. Bake them in the oven, following the instructions closely and carefully (I once confused fahrenheit for centigrade – the acrid results weren’t pretty!).


Without a fixative, your metallic paint will come off so use clear car lacquer or nail varnish to coat it.


If you’re making the earrings, use two differently coloured wires to get some contrast as well as different sizes, then fix them to your earring hooks.


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