The Trends on Thursday: Pyramid styling

Pyramid styling


Silver jewelry
$21 –

Lynn ban

Bjørg spike earrings
$315 –

Stud earrings
$9.04 –

Gold jewelry
$4.51 –

As the polygon jewellery trend started in 2012, so it goes on with triangular earrings. It’s logical enough as the next juncture on a theme which includes symmetrical geometric photo collages and runic spiky lettering. It’s also dead easy to copy with my homespun favourite that is picture hanging wire. You can coat it with polymer clay and paint it with Fimo’s gold powder it you want it to look like the real McCoy; you can detail it with tiny diamantés by super gluing them in place; you can glue some pyramid studs to some earring fastenings. I’ll probably run a few basic tutorials in the not-too-distant future to give you the specifics but, until then, let this collage inspire you to spike up your life with some pretty pyramid details.
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