The Trends on Wednesday: Africa Remixed

L’Afrique c’est chic!

Africa remixed for 2013

In fashion, there are trends, stand-out moments and statements which go on to become iconic of their native decade and then there are fads – recurring sartorial themes which resonate fairly blatantly throughout the lookbooks of the high street retailers, and of designers to some extent. Tribal prints, for instance, have become a staple of the summer holiday season in recent years, as well as colour clash and those ever-recurring animal prints. So then, what to do to make 2013’s tribal and animal patterned offerings stand out? Throw in some acid brights, of course! And to get in the contemporary tribal mix? Be clear and strategic as to how you can pull of clashing prints in a stylish way – which colours go well together and which patterns intertwine without confusing the eye. Also, put a typically 2013 stamp on your look by finishing it with a shock of brilliant neon.

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