A Tribe Called Equestrian: How to DIY a Pixie Market Lace Horse Top

Just horsing around with the up -and-coming lace and applique trends!

Wild horse lace top


You will need..

DIY tools


…and a sewing machine.





Well, I presumptuously say easy. It does involve sewing and requires a reasonably steady hand but if you’ve got those skills down, this one’s a straightforward evening’s-worth of a DIY.



A few hours – I slacked off big time and was very distracted so I’d say 2-3 hours, tops.


Haute to trot…


Print out the horse template to A4 size, cut out the edges and cut the shape out twice in lace.

Craft mount the lace shapes to your sweatshirt.

DIY wild horse lace top


Top-stitch satin binding along the edge and attach two ‘manes’ of fringing.

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