The Trends on Wednesday: In the right garden

in the right garden

Vera Wang multi colored dress
£1,065 –

Alice Olivia zipper shirt
£245 –

Anna Sui kimono jacket
£285 –

Coral jewelry
£5.65 –

Rock N Rose hair accessory
£22 –
With the transition from summer to autumn officially complete – meteorologically as well as commercially – fashion florals are minding their manners with reflective, demure sophistication. Expect the vibrant, eclectic floral melee that dominated the high street in the summer to be reborn in a dark, winter garden-inspired light this season. Floral fashion has seen many incarnations, from the intricate whimsy of Ossie Clark to the graphic geometry of Orla Kiely, and so many in between. It made an inevitable foray into the high street in the form of embellished and appliqued daisies, inspired by 1920s fashion and The Great Gatsby film remake. This season, depth is key, with a palette of sombre grey tones and rich burgundy hues, offset by layering and three-dimensional motifs. There’s a conceptual angle here: Christopher Kane said in an interview at London Fashion Week  that a recent inspiration was a trip to his old high school, where he drew dissected flowers; it made such an impression because it incited him to appreciate how they’re “taken for granted” and about how similar they are in structure to the female sex organs. The analogy likened the hidden depths of flowers to the subtle, complex idiosyncrasies of female sexuality – another concept so often glazed over superficially. His creative voice always was to portray sex as an undertone rather than a blatant message.
This winter garden aesthetic could be as significant a point in the evolution of florals as any, with the resonance of fragility, elegance and intrigue. Certainly, it can’t hurt to bolster fashion’s case for intellectual relevance. To quote Christopher Kane “I mean, I’m not going to just do roses-blah-blah-blah, am I?”
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